Web Projects

Projects Overview

Although our passion at thCWStudios is plugin video tutorials, we do take on other projects from time to time.
Here’s a short list of current and past projects.

LearnPlugins – WordPress Elearning Centre




LearnPlugins.com is a fantastic place to learn WordPress. It’s simple video tutorials allow learners to quickly and easily learn WordPress.



Ruth Brouwer Photography


Ruth Brouwer Photography Project


Ruth is an extremely talented natural light photographer. A mother of 3 she has a keen eye for family fun photography among other passions.



Eshel Heaton Photography




Eshel is a young passionate vivacious photographer. Eshel’s skills range from weddings through to parties, functions and personal shots.




Ionaus (Ecommerce Project)


ionaus project


Ionaus specializes in negative ion products including sanitary   negative ion patches,  negative ion toothbrush and negative ion and FIR energy card. A key  focus of the company is to ensure health is the number one priority in  life and through its products Ionaus aims to fulfill the everyday needs of  people around the country.


Andrew Parsons Handyman Solutions


andrew parsons handyman solutions project


Andrew is a handyman with many years of experience. He has a passion for quality and creative solutions to tough problems.